Officer's Memorial Site

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A Living Tribute to our fallen Brothers and Sisters that no longer walk that

Thin Blue Line!

“The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office Memorial Site is established to recognize Columbia County Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers who have been killed in the line of duty, who have died while proudly serving and have passed away after having honorably served this agency and the citizens of Columbia County.

These brave men and women were committed to the “Vision” of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of our community.  They were dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, the protection of life and property and the proud tradition of the public safety service. The people of Columbia County and Georgia are eternally grateful to those who have sacrificed so much in their quest to serve and protect.”

Sheriff Clay N. Whittle


The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office does not represent this list to be all inclusive. It is expected that there will be additional names added from the past and unfortunately there will be names added from the future.   If you are aware of an individual from this agency, your community or your family who should be listed on the Memorial but is not, please take the time to provide us with that information.



Killed in the Line of Duty:


Deputy Wesley Mack                       12 July 2004



Died while on Active duty:

          Robert Perry                   1 July 1990

             Robert Bremer                   1 October 1992

      Sheriff Otis L. Hensley                   16 October 1994   

        Captain William Cooper                   9 March 1998

Captain Leonard (Butch) F. Cliett                   16 November 2001

                          Lieutenant Michael Haywood                    24 April 2008                           


Died after having Honorably Served:



            Sergeant Tony Cliett                    4 October 1994 

  Lieutenant Gary Palmer                   10 July 2002

    Lieutenant Mike Newsome                    8 February 2003


                  Richard Geddings                    7 January 2004


                             Mike Cullinan                    27 April 2015        


Clay Dent               


Denny Freeman                         


Mary Johnson                      


Freddie Termail