Rules for Visitation

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Visitation is scheduled based on the inmate’s housing assignment. Inmates are required to sign up for visitation and list the visitors that will attend. It is the inmate’s responsibility to inform the visitor of the day and time of the scheduled visit. All visitors and inmates are required to observe the following regulations at all times during visitation: 

  1.  All inmates assigned to permanent housing units, with the exception of those who have lost their visiting privileges through the disciplinary process, will be allowed to schedule one (1) visit weekly with a duration of one-half (1/2) hour.
  2. A maximum of two (2) adults or children age 14 or older may visit an inmate at one time. Minor children age 13 and under may accompany adults as space permits. Visitors under the age of 18, except legal spouses of inmates, are required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the visit. At no time will facility staff be permitted to supervise any visitor’s children.
  3. Visitors will not be allowed to bring handbags, purses, bags, cameras, cell phones or other recording devices into the Detention Facility.
  4. Visitors will not be allowed to bring food or drinks into the Detention Facility.
  5. Visitors should check with the staff for approval to bring any items not mentioned above into the Detention Facility. Failure to do so could result in confiscation of the items or criminal charges.
  6. Proper attire will be required for all visitors. Inappropriate clothing such as halter tops, swim wear, revealing clothing, see-through clothing, sleepwear or any other clothing that may be deemed unacceptable will not be permitted. The Reception Deputy will advise a visitor if their clothing is unacceptable.
  7. Visitors who appear to be under the influence of any intoxicant or display unruly behavior will not be permitted to visit and are subject to arrest.
  8. Visitors will be required to submit to a search of their person by Detention Facility staff. Searches may be conducted by electronic means, physical pat down or both. Failure or refusal to submit to a search of his/her person will result in denial of visitation.
  9. Visitors are required to proceed directly to their assigned visitation booth upon entering the Detention Facility. Visitors must remain at the visitation booth at all times until the conclusion of their visit and will not be allowed to wander around the facility.
  10. Visitors and inmates are required to display appropriate behavior during visits. Vulgar language is not permitted.
  11. Visitors are required to leave the visitation area upon announcement of the end of the visitation period or at any time as directed by a member of the Detention Facility staff. Loitering in visitation corridors is not permitted.
  12. Visitors are not permitted in any other area of the Detention Facility without staff escort

VALID GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO ID REQUIRED: A valid government issued photo ID is required to be shown by visitors, age 16 and above, before visitation will be allowed. Acceptable ID's are state issued drives license or ID Card, military ID card, or passport, etc.

SPECIAL VISITS: Requests for special visits outside established schedules must be approved by a shift supervisor under the policies of the Detention Center. Generally those visitors that live within 150 miles of the facility will not be approved for special visits. 

TERMINATION OR DENIAL OF VISIT: Visits may be terminated or denied for violation of the visitation rules by visitors or inmates or when there is reason to believe the visit may not be in the best interest of the security and welfare of the Detention Center. In the event of a bonafide emergency situation or condition, visitation may be modified, restricted or cancelled until further notice.