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HOW AN INMATE IS RELEASED: Inmates may be released from incarceration a number of ways, these include: (1) Time Served on Sentence; (2) By Court Order; (3) Bond.  Inmates being released undergo the following process: (1) All releases must be matched against, and coincide with, the charges the inmate is being held on, and the inmate’s identity must be verified; (2) An additional wants and warrants check is automatically initiated; (3) The inmate is escorted to the Booking Section after he/she cleans his/her living area; (4) Detention Center property is turned in and inventoried; (5) The inmate is reissued clothing and personal property and escorted to the Lobby area.  At times, several inmates are released at the same time. This process takes time and your patience is greatly appreciated by the Reception Deputy and the rest of the staff at the Columbia County Detention Center. (see other side) 

ACCEPTABLE WAYS TO BOND OUT AN INMATE: If an inmate is awaiting court and has a bond on their charges, they may be bonded out in the following manners: 

  1. Property Bond – The owner of property in Columbia County must bring their current Tax Assessment Form as verification of ownership and value to the Detention Center and use the property as collateral to sign a Property Bond. A valid photo ID is also required. If the property is owned in any other county in Georgia the bond must originate through the Sheriff’s Office in that county. The bond must then be delivered to Columbia County Detention Center in an envelope sealed by the issuing authority. A bond of $25,000.00 or more also requires proof of equity in the amount of the bond by a letter from the mortgage holder or producing a clear deed.  
  2. Cash Bond – The full amount of the bond is paid, along with the processing fee. 
  3. Bail Bondsman – Please see the Reception Deputy or call 706-541-0754 for a current list of approved bondsmen. 

Under Georgia Law, a fee of $20.00 is assessed for each bond originating in Columbia County. This fee must be paid in cash at the time of writing the bond.  

A specific type of bond accepted for an individual inmate, such as “Cash Bond Only”, may be specified by the Sheriff and/or Courts. 

TO LEAVE OR PICK UP MONEY: Money for inmates may be deposited at anytime in the Kiosk (ATM) located in the Detention Center Lobby. There is a $3.00 transaction fee for cash and varying amounts for credit card based upon the amount of the transaction. The funds may be deposited by cash or credit card. You can also deposit money on an inmate’s account at on-line using a credit card.  

Funds in the form of Money Order, Certified Bank Check or Government Check may be mailed to the inmate at the following address (cash is discouraged by this method as cash lost in the mail cannot be tracked): 

Inmate’s Full Name, Housing Unit
Post Office Box 310
Appling, Georgia 30802 

Inmates may request to release money to individuals. Inmates must fill out a money release form stating who is to receive the funds. The form is forwarded to the funds administrative assistant in Jail Administration. The funds are available, in the form of a check, for pick-up Monday thru Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm, excluding holidays. A valid photo ID will be required to pick up the funds. 

TO LEAVE OR PICK UP PROPERTY: Property will be accepted at the Detention Center Lobby anytime. The following items and amounts will be accepted: 

  1. Clothes for inmates in a JURY TRIAL. These items will be accepted no sooner than 24 hours prior to the court appearance and must be picked up immediately upon completion of the trial, once the inmate returns to the Detention Center. Clothing not picked up will be destroyed and disposed of. 
  2. Inhalers, valid medications, prescription eyeglasses, etc. These items will be screened by the medical staff prior to issue. 

Inmates may request to release property to individuals. Inmates must fill out a property release form stating who is to receive the property.  Property may be picked up at any time. A valid photo ID will be required to pick up the property. 

INMATE PHONE CALLS: We do not accept incoming phone calls or take messages for inmates. Inmates may make collect or debit  phone calls from the facility. These calls cannot be made to some phones depending on the carrier. You can contact the inmate phone carrier to pre-pay for calls so the inmate can call cell or other phones if your carrier cannot be used for collect calls. The contracted inmate phone carrier (Securus) can be contacted at 1-800-844-6591 or at

SENDING MAIL TO INMATES: Letters may be sent to inmates at the address indicated under “TO LEAVE OR PICK UP MONEY”. Letters that are typewritten or in pen, pencil or fine point felt tip marker are permitted. Letters written with other instruments than listed above will be rejected. Letters or envelopes that have stickers, lipstick or any other materials that stain or are attached to the letter or envelope will not be delivered. Enclosures such as drawings, newspaper clippings, internet printings, song sheets, etc., are not permitted. Pictures (maximum of 3-5x7’s) may be sent but must be commercially developed (no Polaroid type pictures). Inmates are not allowed to receive packages. Letters from another inmate in this or any other institution is not allowed. 

COMPLAINTS:  If you believe you have been treated unjustly by a staff member of the Detention Center, you may request to speak to a shift supervisor or call 706-541-0754.