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Car Seat Safety

Post Date:08/20/2018 1:30 AM

Child Passenger Safety:

  • GA Law says that children must be in some type of child restraint until age 8. That does not mean that age 8 is a magic number and ALL children that are 8 years of age can ride in a seat belt correctly.

  • Children should be rear facing until at least age 2 and keep them rear facing until they outgrow the seat.  Rear facing is much safer for the child’s neck and spine.  You should never put a rear facing child restraint in the front seat.

  • After age 2, (or when the child outgrows the rear facing seat) use a forward facing seat with a harness. Keep them in the harness seat until they outgrow the seat.

  • Booster Seat – not until at least age 4 and 40 lbs.  Keep the child in the booster seat until the child is at least 4’9 and 90-100 lbs.  How many 8 year olds are 4’9 and weigh 100 lbs.??

  • Never use a booster seat with a lap belt ONLY.  A booster seat must be used with a lap AND shoulder belt. 

  • Kids 12 and under should always ride in the back seat.

  • School buses are 8 to 10 times safer than passenger vehicles.


    5 Step Test for using the Seat Belt Only:

  • Seatbelt is across the shoulder and not the neck

  • Lower back and rear end is against the bight of the seat

  • Knees bend at the seat and feet do not stick out straight

  • Lap belt sits on thighs and hips and not the stomach

  • The child can ride like this the entire trip


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